[V2] I received an email to deactivate trading: what should I do?


For various reasons, our bots are sometimes required to disable trading. You will receive an email to notify you.

Some of these reasons include : 


INSUFFICIENT_ASSET: Problem of synchronization of HAL theoretical positions with the real positions present on the Exchange. 

This usually occurs when manual actions (buying/selling of positions) have been made on the Exchange.

To re-establish trading, you must:

  1. De-allocate the affected position(s) on HAL.
  2. Close the affected position(s) on the Exchange.
  3. Re-allocate your funds on HAL.

INVALID_CREDENTIAL: Problem with the API key setting. 

To set up your API key correctly, please use our tutorials available here.

ERROR_PAYMENT: Payment problem that can occur for different reasons (insufficient funds, expired credit card ...)

To solve this, you must update your bank details, or contact your bank to know the reason of this payment error. 

SUBSCRIPTION_ENDED: Problem related to your subscription. If you are not the originator of a subscription cancellation request, please contact our support.


If you need more information, please contact us at support@hal.trading


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