[V2] How to modify the funds allocated to an existing bot?


To modify an existing allocation on one of your bots, here are the steps to follow.

First, go to your Wallet via the side menu :


Then click on the Manage option of the bot of your choice: 


You can then modify the current allocation, either upwards or downwards. To do so, adjust the capital you wish to establish using the slider. To confirm your choice, click on Update Allocated Funds :


Warning: Once the allocation has been modified, the adjustment of the size of an open position on your Exchange will be done at the next trading window. For an Hourly bot, it will be the next hour. For a Daily bot, it will be the same evening at 00:00AM UTC. For a Weekly bot, it will be the next Saturday at 00:00AM UTC.

If the bot is neutral, the change will also be made in the next trading window.

However, you should keep in mind that this can be risky as you are changing the overall exposure of your portfolio. That's why it's sometimes best to wait until your positions are closed (until the bot takes a neutral position) before changing your allocation.

In case a change in allocation requires an increase in your trading budget, you can consult this article.








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