Please note that before this step you have to make sure that your funds are well allocated on your Kraken account. If not, please click on this link to see our tutorial


Last part of our tutorial, it is necessary to allocate your funds once the API key is configured. 

To do this, please go to your dashboard and click on the last button of the setup process "Allocate


You will find below the box relating to the funds that you have / will allocate to our bots: 


Through the API connection, HAL will recognize the funds available on your Kraken account.

You can then use the slider to adjust the amount of capital you wish to allocate to the bot. 

If the amount displayed in front of Available budget on your Exchange is 0, then please check that you have converted your funds to USD and that they are in the Kraken wallet.

Once you have selected your budget, you can then click on Allocate Funds to confirm your choice.

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