On HAL, the allocation works by trading pocket. 

This allows you to accurately allocate the desired capital to each of the bots you wish to use.

Thanks to this system, it will also be easier to track the performance of active bots, even if they are trading the same crypto-currencies. 


To allocate capital to a bot, you must go to the Strategies tab in the Side Menu:


You can then access the allocation parameters for each bot by clicking on Allocate Funds:


You will first have to choose the exchange on which you want to use the bot:


Then, it is time to allocate the funds. Below you will find the interface with some explanations:


Number 1: Corresponds to the funds already allocated at the moment T; if you have not yet allocated any capital to this bot, then it will automatically update when you validate the allocation of funds.
Number 2: Indicates the investment being allocated. This amount will be automatically updated according to the amount you will choose using the slider.
Number 3: Corresponds to the investment amount that can be allocated according to the funds available on your Exchange. It will be updated automatically using the slider. If the amount displayed is 0, please check that your funds are converted into the required currency according to your Exchange using this article.
Number 4: Represents the funds selected using the slider.


Once you have selected your budget, you can then click on Update Funds Allocation to confirm your choice:



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