[V2] 4/5 Additional adjustment related to the BNB

In order to make the best use of our platform and the indexes offered, we advise you to make a setting if you want to allocate funds to an index or a bot that contains BNB.

Indeed, by activating the option of paying fees on Binance in BNB, a malfunction may occur on the bots with the decrease of your BNB balance, and thus, disable them. 

To fix this problem, go to your Binance Dashboard.

On this page, at the bottom right, make sure that the slider of the button is in the OFF position as shown in the following screenshot:


This way, your BNB balance will no longer be used to pay fees on Binance, and your bots containing BNB will continue to function properly. If you still want to leave this option, then we recommend that you leave a substantial margin of BNB available in your account, depending on the amount of your investment in the BNB index.


You are now ready to use HAL, if you wish, you can visit our page dedicated to our strategies.

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