[V2] 3/5 Deposit your USDT and allocate your funds


Your USDT must be deposited in your Spot wallet on Binance.

If you don't have any USDT in your Binance wallet, you can buy some directly on Binance. 

To do so, click on Buy crypto and choose the payment method you prefer:


If you have USDT in a wallet outside of Binance, here's how to deposit them:

Once on Binance, you must click on Wallet then on Fiat and Spot:


Click on Deposit


Choose the network you wish to use and then copy the address indicated in order to send the USDT from your other wallet:


As you have previously created and connected your API key, you can allocate your funds. 

To do so, go back to your HAL Dashboard and click on Allocate funds:


You will find below the box relating to the funds that you will allocate to our bots: 


Through the API connection, HAL will recognize the funds available in your Binance SPOT wallet.

You can then use the slider to adjust the amount of capital you wish to allocate to the bot. 

If the amount displayed in front of Available budget on your Exchange is 0, then please check that you have converted your funds to USDT and that they are in Binance SPOT wallet.

Once you have selected your budget, you can then click on Allocate Funds to confirm your choice.

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