[V2] How many trades do the trading bots place per day?


Your bot will open positions when it detects a favorable trend.

It depends on the strategy used and the market trend.  

  • Weekly bot: it opens positions every week and can keep them open for one or several consecutive weeks.

If you subscribe during the week and choose a Weekly bot, the position opened by the bot on Friday / Saturday of the previous week will automatically be opened when you activate your bot. 

  • Daily Bot: usually opens positions every day between midnight and 02:00AM and keep them open for one or several days.
  •  Hourly Bot: it usually opens positions several times a day and can keep them open for one or several consecutive hours

Be aware that the bot will only open positions if it detects a clear trend. Indeed the crypto-currency market is very volatile, so it is sometimes better to maintain a Neutral position in times of uncertainty. When clear trend signals emerge, the bot will open its positions, otherwise it will remain in a neutral position.

→ This is to protect your capital in a risk management framework.


You can refer to the characteristics of a specific bot to find out its trading frequency. This information will give you an overview of the number of trades made by the strategy.


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