[V2] Why does the bots do not fully invest my capital?



This is a completely normal phenomenon. Indeed our robots, especially the hourly ones, take positions between -100% (full short) and +100% (full long). These positions depend on the strength of the trend and its maturity. It is often not wise to always be fully exposed. Our positions are then aggregated in order to reduce the impact of trades on your exchange and thus optimize your trading fees.

Note that it is possible that 2 separate bots set on the same pair (e.g. BTC/USDT) are exposed, one as Short and the other as Long.

On your Exchange, the positions taken by these 2 bots will be aggregated and only one position will appear. However, on Napbots, you will see one position per bot. This will make it easier to track performance via our platform. 

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