[V2] When does HAL recognizes funds on the exchange?


As soon as your exchange is synchronized with HAL, your funds are visible on your HAL Dashboard.

If the available amount is 0, there is two options:

  • Your funds are not in the right place or in the right currency.
  • An API setting issue. Feel free to visit our respective guides for Binance, FTX or Kraken.

There may be a gap between Binance balance and the HAL dashboard due to the API. The most accurate picture of your portfolio and the results of our strategies are those you see on the exchange.

If you have correctly set up your API, it is perhaps because the funds are in the wrong wallet on your exchange. On Binance for instance, the funds must be in USDT (Tether) or in BTC and located on your Binance USD-M Futures portfolio. On Bitfinex, they should be in your Future portfolio.


If you feel that all your settings are correct, please contact our support at support@hal.trading

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