[V2] What performance data can I find for each strategy?


In order to help you choose the best strategy for you, you can find various performance data:


You will first find the performance achieved during a period (one year, six months, one month, one week and one day). Please note that these performances are gross and do not take into account trading costs or potential slippage. (time lag between the buy/sell order and the actual opening/closing of the position).


But also the Type of strategy, either Long Only or Long / Short. Also, we indicate the trading Frequency of the bots, as well as the Currencies traded.  


Finally, by clicking on a strategy, you will find all this information as well as a graph representing the overall performance during a period.


Let's take the example of the DOGE bot:


Below the graph, you will have access to the advanced statistics of the bot:


You will find for example the Max Drawdown which represents the maximum loss realized by the bot during a period or the Turnover ratio which represents the number of times the bot has opened a position during a period. The higher this ratio is, the more positions the bot will have taken.


To conclude, if you want more information on how to use our bots, click on this link


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