[V2] Informations about Exchanges available on HAL

A cryptocurrency Exchange is an online platform that allows buyers and sellers to trade cryptocurrencies with each other based on current market prices.

You need an Exchange to use HAL. Indeed, it is necessary to connect, with the help of an API key, your Exchange and HAL. This will allow our bots to open and close positions. The API key does not allow the withdrawal of funds.

To satisfy our local and international customers with increasingly varied needs, we offer at HAL different Exchanges allowing everyone to find their happiness.

Here is a summary table of the Exchanges available on HAL:


Among them, we find:


  • Binance: this platform is the most known and appreciated by our users. With a large number of features / services, Binance will allow you to invest on all the crypto-assets offered by HAL. To invest via this platform with HAL, you must have funds in USDT (Tether) only placed on Binance SPOT or Binance Futures depending on the bot selected. To assist you in creating your Binance account & configuring it, click here

ATTENTION: Binance Futures is no longer available for French residents.

Strategy type : Binance SPOT : Long Only. Binance Futures : Long - Short


  • Kraken: created in 2011, this crypto trading platform is the oldest still in operation. It is recognized by our members for its ease of use and the security of its transactions. It will allow you to invest safely on all the crypto-assets offered by HAL. To do so, you must deposit your funds in  USD on your Spot Wallet. To assist you in creating your Kraken account & configuring it, click here.

Strat type : Long Only


Can't find your Exchange? Contact us at support@hal.trading

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