[V2] Can you explain how you combine 3 assets in one strategy (BTC-ETH-USD)?


This model takes into consideration the mix of signals related to each crypto-currency taken separately and also the signals of one crypto-currency against another, here BTC versus ETH.

This strategy is based on an allocation model between BTC-ETH-USD. This means that the strategy invests on Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) against an underlying which is the USD.

This allows the bot to invest:

  • Either 50% on the BTC/USD pair and 50% on the ETH/USD pair.
  • Either 100% on the BTC/USD or ETH/USD pair. 

Note that if you use Binance as an Exchange, the bot will not invest on these coins with the Dollar (USD) as underlying, but with the Tether (USDT). Specifically, it will invest on the BTC/USDT and/or ETH/USDT pairs. 



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