With HAL, you will have the opportunity to trade automatically on a selection of crypto-currencies processed and managed by our bots. These bots have been developed and perfected by our research team to outperform the crypto market.

Nevertheless, it is important to know how our strategies work and what their particularities are.

First of all, you should know that you will not be able to trade on every crypto-currency on the market. You will find many bots that each deal with one or more of the cryptos we offer:


Depending on your investment strategy, you can choose from a wide range of strategies. However, it is preferable to know their characteristics. For that, several information are given to you:

  • Type of Strategy
    • Long Only strategies are able to open only Long (buy) positions or Neutral positions.
    • Long/Short strategies are able to open both Long (buy) and Short (sell) positions.

The buy position, also known as a Long, is the purchase of a crypto, stock, commodity or currency in the hope that its value will increase. 

Short selling is the practice of selling an asset that you do not own, with the intention that it will lose value in order to buy it back at a lower price. 

  • Frequency

We offer three types of bots according to their buying/selling frequency:

    • Weekly bots: they open positions every week (Friday night between 10pm and 2am) and can keep them open for several consecutive weeks.
    • Daily Bots: they receive the trading signal every day at 00:00AM UTC and can hold positions for several consecutive days. 
    • Hourly Bots: they receive trading signals every hour and can hold them open for several consecutive hours or days.

Be aware that bots will open a position if they detect a clear trend. If the market is uncertain and/or the buy signals are weak, then they will hold a Neutral position to protect your capital.



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