In order to configure your bots, we advise you to proceed as follows:


1. Diversify your allocation as follows

- Up to 3000€ invested, diversify your allocation on 2 or 3 bots.

- From 3000€, diversify your allocation on at least 3 bots. You can easily spread your funds over 5 or 6 bots depending on the strategy you wish to implement.

2. If you have a Platinum subscription, and therefore our Hourly bots offer, we still advise you to allocate 20 to 40% of your funds on our Weekly / Daily strategies in order to reduce turnover and thus stabilize your trading frequency.

3. Use our simulation tool available in the Simulation tab to optimize what interests you: Performance, drawdown, average trade gain...

4. Modify your allocation with parsimony. Indeed, modifying allocations regularly is one of the main mistakes that our new users make. You can of course decide to modify your strategy according to the Crypto Weather tool, by adopting a low risk strategy in "Extreme Market" for instance.

5. Control your risk appetite with leverage in the Wallet tab. The leverage option is available in our Gold or Platinum subscriptions and is adjustable from x0 to x1.5.

6. To receive regular market updates, please visit our Telegram Announcements channels where we provide regular market updates.


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