[V2] 5/7 Tutorial to configure the API key

An API allows to make available data or functionalities of an existing application (here Binance) so that other applications can use them (HAL). In our case, the API key will allow our bots to open and close positions automatically. It will not allow to withdraw funds.

First of all, you should know that in order to use Binance, you must complete the level 2 (Intermediary) verification process (KYC):


Once it is done, click on this link which will take you to the Binance Futures API key creation form. You can also access it by hovering over the user icon at the top right, and clicking on API Management.

Click on Create API, enter the name you want to give to this API key for example "HAL". Click on Next.


You will then need to complete the two security verification steps requested by Binance: 


The API key has been created. Now you have to click on Edit restrictions to Enable Futures, and Restrict access to trusted IPs addresses:


Once the boxes are checked and all the IPs are copied, click on Save. Be careful, once saved, the secret key will no longer be available. Copy this key now to insert it in your HAL platform API settings.


Once this is done, you can go to your Dashboard and click on Open :


Then you will need to click on Connect Exchange:


All you have to do is copy and paste the two keys into the required fields on HAL, to validate the connection between Binance and your HAL account. Click on Confirm:


If everything is perfectly set up, then your Dashboard should look like this:


Congratulations! Your Binance and HAL accounts are now synchronized with each other. 

There is only one step left before you reach the goal! To find out what it is, click here

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