[V2] 4/7 How to set the leverage Cross x2 on Binance?


Binance Futures allows you to manually adjust the leverage for each of the available contracts, you will find at the end of this article, the exhaustive list of the different pairs used on HAL.

To adjust the leverage, click on the « 20x » button in the Futures interface for each and every pair you want to trade:


Specify the degree of leverage by adjusting the slider, then click on Confirm :



We recommend adjusting the Binance leverage to Cross x2 in order to optimize the bot's performance while limiting the risk associated with using leverage;

This leverage must be configured on every pair invested by our bots. 

Why do you need to set up a x2 leverage?

There is a delay between the moment we calculate the theoretical position and the end of the execution. During this lag the underlying can move in the same direction of our orders and the implementation of the position can slightly cross the x1 leverage. To avoid having the last order being rejected we recommend to setup a leverage more than x1.

We don’t go beyond x1.5 leverage so we don’t need to setup a leverage more than x2. This level of x2 plays a role of security. If we cross the leverage new orders will be refused except to reduce existing positions. So setting up a leverage of x2 guaranties you won’t cross it and this additional security is totally independent of our trading engine. Moreover decreasing your leverage will reduce the amount you will borrow and will reduce the fees you will pay accordingly.


Congrats! Your leverage is correctly configured.

The last step on Binance is to set up your API key, and it happens here.


Here is the list of the different pairs you have to configure according to your selection of bots. Please click on each and every pair your need to set up correctly the leverage : 












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