[V2] 3/7 How to transfer your USDT (Tether) to Futures wallet?


To use Binance Futures, you must first deposit funds in USDT. 

You can transfer funds back and forth between the Binance Spot Wallet and your Binance Futures Wallet. The transfer is almost instantaneous and free of charge.

To transfer funds to your Binance Futures Wallet, click on the Transfer button at the bottom right of the page. Define the Coin USDT and the amount you wish to transfer and click on Confirm Transfer:


Congratulations, you are three steps away from trading like a pro!

The next one is to set up your leverage correctly. To know how to do it, click here.

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  • I had trade in BTP trading Platform in Assets I had 2568 USDT but I want to withdrawal Please help me


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