Advices on how to use your trading bot


In order to configure your bots, we advise you to proceed as follows:

1. Diversify your allocations as follows:

- Up to $5000 invested, diversify your allocations on 2 or 3 bots.

- From $5000, you can diversify your allocations on more than 3 bots according to your investment strategy.

2. We advise you to allocate 40% to 50% of your funds on our Weekly / Daily strategies in order to reduce the turnover and thus stabilize your trading frequency. The remaining 50% to 60% can be allocated to Hourly strategies, which will allow for greater reactivity. However, these strategies will involve more trading costs. 

3. Use our Strategies page to see all of our bots developed by our Quant Research team. Performance indicators can help you set your allocations.

4. Modify your allocation sparingly. Indeed, modifying allocations on a regular basis is one of the main mistakes that our new users make. Our bots work mainly on the principle of trend following. This means that by changing your allocation, you may lose the current trend, which can be counterproductive and negatively affect performance.

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