I do not understand my receipt


Under the heading Description, you will have the subject of your receipt. First, you will see the type of plan you have subscribed for. In the example below, you can see Platinum package which corresponds to the plan used. It is possible to have several objects if you have subscribed to several plans.  

In case you have subscribed to several similar plans, they will be added together. If you have upgraded your plan (switch to another plan or upgrade your trading limit) during the current month, the difference between your old subscription and your new subscription is paid the following month. 

Finally you will see "Additional Thousands". This is the additional allocation to the original one, which you will have used during the period. For example, if you subscribed to a Gold Plan and allocated €3000 to Napbots, if during the period you wished to add an extra €1000, this amount will be charged on top of your original plan. 

When we add up the pack with the Additional thousand, it gives us the subtotal from which we will subtract the promotion if there is one.

A VAT amount is included in the subscription price for all Napbots users (no matter nationality).


This will give you your receipt amount at the end of each period. 








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