How to upgrade my subscription?


Once you have subscribed to Napbots, you have the option of upgrading your subscription to a higher plan (e.g. Silver to Gold) or downgrade your plan (e.g. Platinum to Gold). 


How to Upgrade your subscription ? 

1. Go to your main dashboard and click on Update my subscription:


2. Choose your strategies to be used with the higher subscription by clicking on Upgrade :


  • If you want to upgrade from Silver to Gold subscription, choose at least one Daily strategy. 
  • If you want to upgrade from Gold to Platinum, choose at least one Hourly strategy.

3. When you have chosen your strategies, make sure they are activated and click on Next:


Make sure you have also activated the Bot only mode to secure the positions taken by the bot.


4. Adjust the amount of your allowance according to the subscription chosen:


  • If you want to subscribe to the Gold plan, adjust your allowance to 3000€.
  • If you want to subscribe to the Platinum plan, adjust your allowance to 5000€. 

These are the initial settings that you can change later. 

5. Validate your "Upgrade" by clicking on Upgrade my subscription:





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