Information about NapBots Dashboard


In this article you will find a precise explanation of all the elements that constitute the Dashboard.

First, here is the Dashboard:


1: By clicking here you will go directly to the Dashboard.

2: Click here for an overview and details of NapBots strategies.

3: Here you will find our different subscriptions available.

4: Click here to go to the CryptoWeather tab: a tool that will help you choose the right allocation for the current market.

5: This is your profil tab.

6: Here you will have access to a tutorial video to help you configure NapBots.

7: A quick look at the current Crypto Weather.

8: A view on the positions currently opened by the bots.

9: This is your historical P&L on NapBots.

10: The amount invested right now by the bots.

11: The current amount available on the Exchange.

12: The daily P&L which is updated everyday between 00:00AM and 02:00AM.

13: Click here to go to our Q&A (i guess you already know it).

14: Here you will be able to contact our support.


In a second time, here is the Exchange part:


1: Click here to Add a new Exchange to your subscription.

2: After choosing the exchange you want to use, the next step is to choose the NapBots strategies.

3: This button allows you to update your credit when you want to pay your subscription with crypto-currencies.

4: The See details tool allows you to access the different options of your Exchange.

5: This button allows you to activate or deactivate the use of your bots.

6: This icon shows the current status of your bots.

7: Click here to add one or several bot(s).

8: Current number of active bots.

9: The total amount allocated to NapBots.

10: Click here to increase or decrease your Maximum Trading Amount.

11: A shortcut for some Exchange related options. 


Useful definitions :
P&L: It refers to the total profit or loss made by a trader over a certain time period.
Daily P&L: Is determined for all existing positions you hold. It refers to the total profit or loss made by all your trades over the day.
Realized P&L: Refers to profit or loss on a completed trade or closed position. This means a position which has been initiated and then closed. It also includes fees and commissions associated with the transaction. Fees vary depending on the Exchange you use.
Unrealized P&L: The current profit or loss of an open position. The unrealized P&L reflects what profit or loss could be realized if the position were closed in that time.

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