How can I activate/modify my leverage?


The Leverage on Napbots is not related to optimisation, it depends on your risk appetite.
If you want to expose more or less than your capital, you can vary this leverage between x0.1 and x1.5.

You don't have to set it to x1.5 in order to optimize, it is a personal choice. So, if you have a trading limit of €5000, with a leverage of x1.5 on Napbots, the bot will be able to use up to €7500 on Binance. The robot will use 7500€ by borrowing 2500€ from Binance to increase the capital.

By setting a leverage lower than 1 you will reduce the amount of your capital used by the bot.
For instance, if you set the leverage to 0.5 with a capital of $5000, the bot will only take into account $2500 of your capital for the use of strategies.


When allocating your strategies, you need to tick the leverage box and validate your choice to use this functionality. 



Then you can slide the cursor to adjust the desired leverage.



When leverage is set, it is used on every trade. Keep in mind that leverage is only available for the Gold and the Platinum plans. 


You can watch this tutorial to see how to change your leverage: 

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