Trouble with the Binance exchange connection

In order to allow NapBots to perform trades on your Binance Account you need to :

  • Create a Futures Wallet on your Binance account
  • Fund your Futures wallet with USDT
  • Create the API Key and Enable Futures in the API Settings

Most of the time, NapBots can not connect with Binance due to invalid API settings. To see how to create a valid API Key for NapBots please watch this tutorial:


Your API key should have the same settings than the picture below :      Binance_-_API_ENG.pngIf everything is correctly set up, but you can't see open positions, this may be due to the "Hedge Mode" on Binance. You need to make sure that you're on the One way position mode. You can do that on Binance Futures in just two clicks :


In order to check if the bot is correctly set up, go can to your Dashboard. In the Exchange section you should see a green thumbnail beside your active exchange name.


If everything seems normal, you can try to generate a new API key from Binance and don't forget to set the right parameters in the API Enable Futures.
Then go to Napbots and click on See details on your Dashboard. Go to the Settings tab and change your API key by clicking on Edit. Then make a save.

If you correctly changed your API Key settings, the first trade will appear within 2 hours for Hourly strategies or at midnight UTC for Daily and Weekly strategies. If no trade appears in the Dashboard, it could be explained by the fact that the strategies you have chosen are in Neutral mode.


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